BreaktHRough Non-Family Business Solutions

If you are like most small-to mid-size companies, your HR needs go beyond just payroll.
So, in addition to complete payroll processing, tax payment and workers’ compensation services, Ahola’s BreaktHRough solution gives you online access to a premium package of HR tools, resources and information to help manage and protect your business. 

All BreaktHRough clients can take advantage of a comprehensive payroll solutions audit to identify structural and procedural improvement opportunities, including a tax credit review. We also conduct annual reviews with our clients to assess progress, return on investments and future plans. 

Ahola provides custom payroll and HR solutions to thousands of companies in hundreds of industries. However, in some industries, payroll and HR issues are so unique that specialized expertise is required. Ahola has developed this expertise for several industries, including: Hospitality, Healthcare, and Construction.

Have fewer than 25 employees?

Ahola’s Traditional Services are for you! As one of the oldest payroll processing companies in North America, Ahola has perfected all the full-service, payroll related assistance that your business needs and values.

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