If you owe 10k or more to the IRS due to unpaid payroll taxes and would like to resolve your tax liability for less than what's expected, there's programs available to help. The IRS offers many different resolution options for 941 payroll tax liabilities.

H&R Block Mobile - iOS, Android - The H&R Block Mobile app makes it easier to file your taxes, by connecting you directly to tax professionals. Basically, the app lets you upload your documents and send them to a tax pro. It can create a personalized checklist of required documents, and lets you view tax returns from previous years. If you need to schedule a face-to-face meeting with an H&R agent, the app can also help you find the closest office in your area. Additionally, the app lets you check the status of your federal tax return, and estimate the amount of your return with a built-in calculator.

eCommerce has become all the rage with more and more businesses going this route. Meeting customer expectations, fulfilling them as well as keeping ahead of the competition is something that is very important for such firms. Accounting requires a lot of tedious bookkeeping and long hours and that is the reason why choosing accounting outsourcing for eCommerce firms is such a good idea.

Every company wants to succeed and achieve a high sales pitch but the question is, does it have a systematic management? Account outsourcing companies that function with the willingness to change and ensure thoughtful planning can help a business in many ways. Accounting outsourcing is a cost effective measure that includes supervision of accounting tasks and improved customer support services.

Year end accounting can be problematic, especially if you have not been paying attention all through the year. The truth is that most businesses, especially ones without dedicated accountants on their payroll, don't worry about it till tax season comes, and when it does, there's always too much to do and very little time!

Quality payroll software increases efficiency while making the HR manager's life a lot easier. A good payroll software program is capable of doing complex calculations quickly.

As technology moves ever forward, how are you leveraging it to address your business' complex and evolving needs? It is no secret that it's easier - and more "green" - to conduct business using less paper, yet the true value of going digital goes far beyond the simple consumption of paper and ink. A cloud-based labor management approach can bring more value to your company than you may realize.

Gauging by its present trajectory, the practice of payroll outsourcing is going to be one of the most inherent aspects of the corporate realm in a few years. The HR outsourcing industry has witnessed a huge spike in its numbers as is evident through various researches conducted. As the global economy gets more and more unpredictable and prone to risks, the emphasis on cost reduction is getting more prominent.

From managing employees to securing sales and dealing with any growth opportunities; as a business owner you will have many things to deal with. Whether you own a small business or are just starting up, you will understandably be under a lot of pressure to ensure that if nothing else, your company keep its head above water and nothing is more crucial to that then your finances.

German Payroll is complex and time consuming. When starting work in Germany it is vital to not only work alongside a payroll organisation that knows what they are doing, but also for you to have a basic understanding of how the process works.