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It's generally a good idea to keep overhead costs low so that your business profits will be higher. But there are times when increasing expenses yields great payoffs.

Dutch Payroll can be incredibly complicated, but just how complicated? Here we give a very basic outline for those just starting as a contractor or freelancer within the Netherlands.

Most new business owners are not aware they need to carry Workers' Compensation insurance in New York State. Many think it is only a requirement of contracting or construction companies. In actuality, all businesses that have employees need this insurance. Lack of coverage can caused many problems for the business owner.

Calculating how much you owe in payroll tax when working within the Netherlands can be a complicated and time consuming process. This article aims to break the process down and help explain when and how to go about paying taxes to the Dutch authorities.

Large changes are coming to the Dutch contractor market affecting contracts, salaries, probationary periods, transition payments and notification periods. Coming into force as early as January the 1st 2015, this article breaks down all the major changes that you will need to know about with input from industry professionals and experts in Dutch payroll.

Over the years it has been amazing how many times I've been asked the same questions as above and how many times I have witnessed situations where business owners are not on payroll, and where they are not in compliance with payroll regulations. It is more important than ever to be in compliance. The tax authorities have increased their review of these issues.

A paycheck stub refers to that part of the paycheck which workers may retain after having deposited the paycheck received by them. The usual information contained there is the amount paid, some personal information of the worker for use of the payer, and an ongoing computation of income all over the year or for the entire duration of the worker's employment. It is most usual for the pay stub to give detailed information of deductions carried towards insurance benefits, taxes, retirement plans, and such like features which could affect the workers' pay.

Many businesses have discovered that it's far more convenient and less expensive to print their own business checks. In order to be processed by a bank or financial institution, however, the checks' routing numbers and the company's bank account must be printed using MICR toner. This toner is magnetically enhanced and must be used to print authentic checks.

Establishing a reliable timekeeping system is a big part of fulfilling your responsibility as an employer. Even so, manually keeping track of your employees' hours can take a great deal of time and patience. It could also lead to errors that result in financial losses for your business. Automated timekeeping systems can eliminate many hassles, while saving you both time and money.