Announcing our Brand Refresh!

We are excited to share our new brand platform to reflect Ahola’s evolution over the last 52 years!

A lot has changed over the last three generations and our company has grown and evolved in many ways.

As part of the brand refresh, we are simplifying our logo to align with our brand’s offering- which is a streamlined HR solution to manage your workforce from Hire to Retire. We are also updating our logo to showcase HR Solutions and Payroll, our core expertise. You’ll also see our visual branding focus on people- not technology. While technology is important and nowadays expected- what differentiates us is the experience clients have when working with us. It’s about people – our people.

However, some things won’t change with this brand refresh. We’re still the same Ahola- reliable, trustworthy, and personal.  Now, we’re even more focused on providing the best experience to our clients. Our clients are not numbers, they are like us and have their daily challenges and celebrations, and we like to be there with them throughout it all.

Our Mission & Vision

We are here to empower organizations to succeed by allowing them to focus on what they do best, because we take care of their payroll and human resources needs with the utmost accuracy, expertise, and caring.

Our heritage and drive for enduring success is shared by our clients who will never settle for just being successful – they also share in our vision of creating a legacy that provides for the many employees who are part of what they have created.

Our Purpose

It’s more than just keeping you in business – that’s maintaining.

Ahola confidently moves you forward.

Our Brand Promise

When you work with Ahola, you receive a personalized experience – it’s like having your ace employee always by your side. You’ve placed your trust in us, and in return, we help keep your company safe and compliant so you can focus on growing your business. And throughout your team’s employment journey with you, they know their individual payroll and HR needs are handled expertly and with care.

We’re very excited to release the refreshed brand this year,” says Sonya Ahola, Marketing Manager and third-generation Ahola family member.  “It’s been almost a two year process, with brand research, client interviews, employee surveys and design. It’s exciting to refresh our brand to match how we’ve grown and evolved over the last 52 years.  It’s about redefining who we are as an organization and as a brand, and making sure it’s aligned with who we are and who we want to be,” she says.


To date, Ahola has provided payroll services to more than 10,000 corporations. Ahola now serves thousands of clients across the country and has expanded its offering to include Hiring & Recruiting Tools, Benefits Administration Solutions, HRIS, Time & Attendance Solutions and also recently announced the opening of a Cincinnati office to supplement operations in the Cleveland and Columbus markets.


“One thing that we hear from our clients is they really value our one-on-one relationship with them. They know our staff by name. They know we have their back,” says Sonya. “That’s been a common thread, that we’re accessible and we’re there for them and they have a dedicated person and team that’s working for them. This feedback is a crucial part of our rebranding, with comments from customers and employees providing the foundation for our new brand platform. Our new platform is focused on people- in our imagery, our messaging, and our differentiators. It’s about helping our clients and their employees. “


“We hope the outcome of the brand refresh is a better understanding of what our brand means and we hope to re-energize our staff at the same time. We also want to pinpoint the core reasons why clients choose to work with us, and identify what makes us unique, so we can be sure our brand reflects that.”

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