Ahola's employee assistance program is the first
to be specifically designed for your family and your family business.

Join us for a Family Business EAP Workshop “Design a Talent Management System to Build Your Bench”

The people you surround yourself with in your organization make or break your success. No one succeeds alone. When engaged, leveraged and optimized, your talent will drive your organization to be agile, innovative, profitable, smart—successful. Too often, however, companies don’t realize that their hiring and development choices are random, impulsive, disjointed and disconnected to their objectives and strategies. Design a system that is uniquely designed to deliver precisely the standards of performance that you want.

Speaker: Dr. Stacy Feiner

Topic:  Design Talent Management System and Build Your Bench.

Date/Time: Thursday, April 6th, 2017

8 a.m. Registration and Networking

8:30 – 10:30 a.m.  ( program with interactive presentation and breakouts)

Location:   ease@work

Mandel Community Room

4500 Euclid Avenue

The event is free, but registration is required. Click here to register now. 

BreaktHRough® EAP

Beyond all of the benefits of a traditional EAP, BreaktHRough® EAP offers a unique suite of programs and services designed to strengthen family business workforce performance. Our exclusive family business services are designed for the family members working in the business in addition to stakeholders outside of the business. These services are delivered through a vetted group of professionals who have an expertise in family dynamics within a business structure. Such services empower family and non-family employees to confidentially deal with personal and professional problems and keep their focus on their work performance, health and overall well-being.

Family businesses are unique!
Traditional EAP programs function as a  “safety net,” serving to catch employees when they have significant work/life challenges. BreaktHRough® EAP offers a preventative, professional and proactive approach to managing workforce performance in your family business.

Because of the dual roles many leaders in family businesses must assume, developing and cultivating healthy relationships are critical to the longevity of their business. Family businesses that utilize the professional services of BreaktHRough® EAP have the support needed to develop these relationships, which allow them to grow and outperform other businesses that don’t. The prominence of family-owned businesses in the American landscape has a profound impact on the livelihoods of their family members, their employees within their company, and their local communities.

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