“Ahola is very excited about entering the Cincinnati market,” said Mark Strippy, Vice President of Sales and Service. “We feel that our high commitment to providing personalized service to our HCM clients will resonate with employers of all sizes in this new market. Expanding into this region allows us to offer our deep knowledge of the Ohio regulatory environment to Cincinnati-based businesses.”

Brian Boff, Sales Manager, will lead the new office, driving growth in this new market for the organization. “We’re very excited to announce our expansion into the Cincinnati market,” said Boff.  “We’re thrilled to welcome Marc Learned to the team, who brings over 10 years of industry experience in the Cincinnati market to Ahola.”

“Cincinnati’s community and culture is just exploding. With FC Cincinnati going pro and playing at UC’s Stadium for the next two years, the sense of community pride is amazing,” says Learned. “Downtown is thriving- it has been exciting to see new industries and organizations growing. I think Ahola’s values and position in the market as a family-owned business really resonates with our city’s culture, and I’m excited to see our growth.”

Ahola will continue to support the Cleveland and Columbus markets and will look to expand this summer in northwest Ohio. To stay updated on company news, follow Ahola on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn or visit www.ahola.com.

About Ahola

Ahola Human Capital Management provides Payroll and HCM services to organizations across the United States, and has served over 10,000 companies in 52 years of business. Ahola helps employers manage their workforce from Hire to Retire, providing Hiring & Onboarding Solutions, HR Solutions, Payroll & Tax Filing Services, Time & Attendance Solutions, and Employee Benefits Administration Solutions. Ahola’s cloud-based, single database solution, paired with its one-on-one customer service model helps empower employers to efficiently manage their workforce.


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