Our Sales & Marketing Team

Ahola’s sales and marketing professionals know your company has its own unique payroll and human capital management needs. Their years of experience allow them to help you decipher the complexities, making it a seamless and stress-free experience for you.

  • Greg Koperna Sales and Marketing Director

    P: 216-299-5131

  • Jennifer Sprague Sales Process and Development Manager

    P: 440-665-4637

  • Sonya Ahola Communication & Brand Strategist

    P: 440-740-5014

  • Paula Tresger Senior Sales Executive, Payroll | HCM

    P: 440-740-5073

  • Jenna Banjac
    Jenna Banjac Client Relationship Specialist

    P: 440-717-7620 Ext: 133

  • Nicole Bugenske
    Nicole Bugenske Business Development Representative

    P: 440-717-7620 Ext: 300

  • Tessa Kellar
    Tessa Kellar Client Relationship Specialist

    P: 440-717-7620 Ext: 134

  • Tim Yonek Sales Executive, Payroll | HCM

    p: 440-503-2013

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams Sales Executive, Payroll | HCM

    P: 216-308-5432

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