Adam HutchesonCIO, Kalibrate

    At each stage of his career Adam has always returned to a few themes:

    Identify the size of the market, client needs, and gaps from competitors

    Surround yourself with the best people. Build highly collaborative and execution focused teams

    Iterate and Execute. Not just on product but process as well. Tight feedback loops with your teams and your client base are a must

    Build to scale. Architecture, User Experience, and Cost based on size of company, industry, and the needs of the client base.

    He has 10 years of hands on development and architecture experience, followed by 10 years of product and technology leadership. Adam has been lucky to build some great software with amazing teams and clients. To name just a few products: Key Total Treasury, Key Business Online, Explore, Conversation Insight, Moveband, HealthSpective Engage, and Kalibrate.

    His experience spans from fortune 100 companies to early stage startups covering the Finance, Healthcare, Marketing Automation, IoT/Embedded (Wearables), and Retail industries. Adam graduated from Baldwin Wallace University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Systems.

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