Tips to Help Attract and Retain Skilled Manufacturing Talent

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Set culture standards early, explaining safety expectations and overall policies…

Most firms today are struggling to find and keep skilled manufacturing talent in their field. HR is struggling to find qualified applicants, while also working to engage and retain their current employees. The skills gap is widening, and less applicants are entering the field. Read below for some tips to attract and select the right talent in the manufacturing industry.


  • Post to appropriate job boards and relevant social media pages.
  • Ensure your job postings are setting the right expectations.
  • Job descriptions should be clear, accurate and explain the positions requirements.
  • Be sure to mention safety expectations and your company culture.
  • Recruit based on the skills needed for the position.
  • Knock out candidates that are not a fit for the position initially.
  • Automate your recruiting to save time and post to multiple job boards at one time.
  • Identify community partners (community colleges, local schools) to understand local programs for graduates.
  • Ensure local graduates are skilled to meet your job requirements.


  • Increase efficiency with employee onboarding tools, allowing new hires to submit required paperwork before their first day.
  • Create a positive onboarding experience with a new hire orientation.
  • Be sure to tour the facility, explain safety procedures, identify relevant supervisors.
  • Set culture standards early, explaining safety expectations and overall policies.
  • Review personal protective equipment (PPE) and facility locations that require it.

Training and Development

  • Understand where your skills gaps are in your workforce.
  • Continuous training and development programs increase employee engagement.
  • Promoting from within when applicable, to increase efficiency with onboarding and training.

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