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Working on your Family Business: Create a Plan for Success

Planning is important for all businesses, but it’s even more so for family businesses because personal relationships are at stake. Creating a plan for the future helps to guide decision making in the present, and perhaps more importantly provides an opportunity for family members to maintain positive, lasting and productive relationships. Jeanne Coughlin, president of the Coughlin Group, Inc. has been a catalyst for the prosperity and success of privately-held and family businesses since 1993. She will share her insights on how to insure success in privately-held and family-owned businesses.

In this free webinar you will:

  • Learn the 5 most important planning questions which must be answered to insure family business sustainability
  • Create a framework for planning that is easily understood, embraced and implemented
  • Learn the 2 critical elements that need to be included in your planning process to improve communication and performance

Creating a Family Constitution

Did you know that nearly half of family business owners have no succession plan in place?

Hear from the experts during Family Company Magazine’s free Webinar on ‘Creating a Family Constitution’. Dr. Kathy Overbeke, founder of Generation Planning Strategies and Jeff Ahola, CEO of The Ahola Corporation will delve into the reasons why a family business should have a written family constitution.

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